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This is a community for fans of the Stargate: Atlantis doctor, Dr. Carson Beckett. Feel free to post comments, icons, art, or fanfiction, however there are just a few rules to follow:

If it's something over 400 x 400, post it in an lj-cut. If you are posting more than three icons, post in an lj-cut.
Fanfiction: Rate your story according to the fiction guidelines, which can be found here. MA is not allowed. If the story is misrated out of reasonable error, it will be deleted.
No Slash.
Be nice. No flaming or bashing allowed.
Keep language to a minimum.

I'm just going to add here that you are allowed to advertise another livejournal community.

For linking purposes, we have some pretty new banners:



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Not really an affiliate, but I think the fanfiction authors will be interested in
The Carson Beckett Ficathon

Also not really an affiliate, but Sept. 25th thru Oct. 2 is Insane Carson Appreciation Week. Check it out at icaw.