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Hi =-) Glasses G33k again =-)

Well, I hope it's okay to post here again and I hope these boards are a bit more active then what my page is showing. Sorry if this is spamming a bit, I don't mean to, I could just use a few good BETA Readers and well, anyone who's interested in reading a good tale. :-)
I have posted my next few chapters if anyone is interested and I would like some kind of feedback.
Well, if there's anyone around looking for a good AU Carson and John tale then you've come to the right place and I hope to see you soon. :-)

Prologue - Book 1 - Chapter Two - Happy, You&Me

Prologue - Book 1 - Chapter Two
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Bright Lit Sighing Carson

Noob with a Story to Post =-)

I'm GlassesG33k and I figured I'd introduce myself. I didn't see anywhere to like post introductions so I guess I'll do it here. *blush!* (If there's some place else to do this then let me know and I'm sorry. *BLUSH!* )
I'm a long time Stargate Atlantis Geek and all around David Hewlett Geek :D *Two Thumbs Up :D*
I'm new here and don't know how to go about things. I love this community and I have this story I've been wanting to post somewhere and figured I could post it here, or hoped I could. I'm not too sure how to go about that, right now I can post a link to the story, I posted the first part of it here:
And hope to post more.

I hope it's okay to post the link here, if there's some other way to go about doing this let me know. *blush!*

If there's anyone who would like to BETA Read for me I'd really appreciate it, and I LOVE this community. :D
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Paging Dr. Beckett

Hope it's okay to post this here, but I figured this would be the place.

I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in playing Carson in a game I'm in.  He's a friend of my character's and helped get him into SGC, so there's rp all ready to go.  Plus the admin loves the doc, too (who doesn't?). 

If you're interested, stop by Stargate: Venture. Just click on the Chatroom link, there's usually at least one of us stooging around in there. 

Hope to see you soon.
drunk kisses

309 screen captures from "Rising"

I recently got my hands on a blu-ray rip of "Rising" (from the Fan's Choice set) and I naturally had to revisit 2004 with the sole purpose of capping Carson in HD. :D You can view them as clickable thumbnails on my comm beckettcaps . Be aware that if you click every single thumbnail to view them in fullsize, each pic is 1 mb.



But if you'd like 1.4mb caps (their original size - photobucket sizes them down), then you can download all 309 in 3 individual rar files from Megaupload (you do not need to download all three to view pics in one, is what I mean).





Talk Geek to Me

Fanfic- Stargate: Atlantis -An Unusual Sort of Comfort- Complete

Title: A Unique Sense of Comfort

Author: Azura Nyx

Characters: Carson Beckett/Jennifer Keller

Type: Comfort/Romance

Length: 800 words, one-shot

Warnings/Author's Notes: There are spoilers for “The Kindred (Parts 1 & 2)," and "The Seed." These characters do not belong to me because they are property of MGM.

Rating: G (K)

Summary: After returning from one of Michael’s experimental outposts, Dr. Beckett needs some cheering up, but he never really thought it would be Dr. Jennifer Keller who could achieve that task.
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